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We at Atlas Life work hard to hire staff that are dedicated to the personal growth of our students.  An essential ingredient to our success is the positive and supportive culture that is created within our locations.  



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Johnny Tock MS LMHC
Executive Director of Atlas Spain 

Johnny is a licensed professional counselor with over 15 years of experience working within a variety of therapeutic environments, including a treatment program specifically focused on internet and video game addiction, a therapeutic boarding school, group homes, a wilderness program, community mental health facilities, and a high school directly affected by trauma. 


Johnny is excited to use his experience to support students through self discovery and future planning. 

Atlas Life GAP Year Program Young Adult Spain San Diego Cultural Immersion Credit Recovery Study Abroad Seattle Boston Salt Lake City Puerto Rico Oregon Washington California Los Angeles

Leanna Woodley
CLC ​Cultural Coordinator

Leanna is a professional writer and actor with an extensive background in arts and education with over fifteen years in various aspects of the entertainment industry. As well, she is an experienced teacher, including drama and scriptwriting.  


Leanna co-founded the nonprofit Youth Unplugged, helping children learn technology balance through outdoor play and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  She is also a trained and certified life coach.  

Spain Team

San Diego Team


Cody Trout
Program Director

Cody has 12 years of experience supporting adolescents and young adults, helping students  develop daily independent living skills and adopting healthy lifestyles.  Most recently Cody was the lead case manager at The Grounds.  After attending Mesa College, studying sports medicine and playing water polo, he traveled the world as a sponsored surfer. He’s surfed all over the world, including Hawaii, Mexico, Fiji and Australia.

Cody has experience working students struggling  with a wide spectrum of behavioral and mental health issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, negative family relationships, spectrum disorders, and depression.  Cody feels passionate about having students experience positive recreational activities like surfing, hiking and fishing.

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Mylis Post
Mentor and Life Coach

Mylis graduated from Pace University in 2018 with degrees in Communication Studies and Psychology.

During her time with Pacia Life in Boston, MA, Mylis pushed herself personally and professionally by becoming DBT skills certified. With her newfound interest in DBT, she enrolled as a graduate student in San Diego State University’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation program. 

When Mylis is not in class, studying, or working, she loves to take care of her Siberian Husky, Maya. She also enjoys beach volleyball, hiking, discovering new music, and spending time with her friends


Chris Berry
Mentor and Life Coach

With a Masters in Experiential Learning and a Bachelors in Psychology combined with years of experience, Chris lives by the motto "I will be done living, once I am done learning"​

Chris' work history includes: co-teaching in at-risk K-5 classrooms, running a chainsaw with the Idaho Forestry Service, providing disaster relief efforts across the West coast, completing various trail maintenance projects across New England, leading a team of outdoor educators in adventure programming and team-building offerings via the YMCA of the Rockies, as well as facilitate groups of young adult travelers in South East Asia as a program leader for Rustic Pathways.


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Randy Oakley 
Gap Coach

As a visionary who works with high-end executives but has a strong passion for young adults, Randy coaches young adults to not only explore their potential but to bring reliable results to their combined need to think both traditionally and “out-of-the-box” as entrepreneurs. 

With international living and global business relationships his resources, Randy brings successful ventures to programs that produce thriving global citizens. Randy’s personal experiences traveling and living abroad have created a strong passion for young adults to do GAP year, internships, and service missions in conjunction with  traditional education.

Atlas Life GAP Year Program Young Adult Spain San Diego Cultural Immersion Credit Recovery Study Abroad Seattle Boston Salt Lake City Lara Aspiro

Lara Oakley 
Gap Coach

Lara brings previous expertise from wilderness therapy, real estate, finance, and behavioral health industries, designing and delivering successful programs in management development, team building, communications, and customer service. Her past work has provided the perfect foundation for meeting the strategic needs of Atlas Life. 

Lara is an experienced leader who advocates passionately for young adults.  She helps them discover their most authentic, vibrant, and fulfilling lives, not only realizing their dreams but savoring the journey along the way. 


Sarah Persha MA
Parent Empowerment Coach

Sarah Persha,is a  GAP specialist, who has worked with teens and young adults and their families for over 25 years in both schools and programs and in private and collaborative practice in Bend, Lake Oswego, and Seattle.

For young adults and their families, Sarah provides the coaching and support services often needed to successfully navigate the task of healthy independence in the launching years: high school completion, continued Life Skills curriculum, college, and career development, internships, vocational exploration, study abroad and Gap year opportunities